This is not a travel blog.

This is a lifestyle blog written from the perspective of a British migrant (I hate the word expatriate).

This is an autobiographical documentation of my experiences as I build a new life for myself in Australia.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Alex.  At the time of writing I’m 31 and originally from Ipswich, Suffolk.  Up until November 2015, I had spent 8 years in London balancing out a career in digital marketing alongside pursuing my passion of music.  I made some incredible friends playing music and immersing myself in the London music scene, and career-wise it was a very satisfying one as I managed to build a niche for myself in the content marketing world – very much a growing side of the industry.

However, after 8 years I felt I had hit a bit of a lull.  London no longer felt like a World of opportunities.  Work no longer felt as fulfilling.  I was disillusioned with the London music scene.   I had hit a lull.

One evening I was sitting in the waiting room in a walk-in clinic having detected a couple of cancer symptoms.  I sat there – fairly confident I was being paranoid but preparing myself for what could be, and asked myself what I would do if I was told I had weeks to live?

And the first thing that hit my mind was travel.  To finally see Australia.

There had always been a reason – a band / album release to focus on.  A relationship.  A postgraduate diploma.  My desire for another senior job role to build up my resume.  Simply enjoying London too much.  But after 8 years, this was no loner the case.  I had no band, no relationship, and had finished my studies and had a good portfolio behind me where I could afford a sabbatical at the worst case scenario.

I left the clinic, having waited for 2.5 hours and then leaving within 10 minutes of seeing the doctor telling me I was absolutely fine, and told myself that I still have to do this.

I lost a good friend this year in a tragic accident, and had watched in admiration as other friends were making their goals and dreams come true and knew this was something I had to do.  I needed to do something truly frightening, challenging and inspiring to get myself out of a rut and experience personal development that no amount of training or coaching can give you.

No more excuses.  Just go out and do it.  You have one life, one shot.  

This isn’t me backpacking around hostels and travelling the country.  This is me attempting to get amongst the action of Sydney.  Enjoy the lifestyle in a vibrant, metropolitan city that has both the incredible beach lifestyle as it does an urban metropolis.

Digital marketing is booming here and as an experienced specialist in the field, I’m very marketable.

Punk rock and hardcore is very popular here and a new music scene to get stuck into could make me re-connect with my main passion.

My love of fitness, health and the sun will no longer be out of place in a city where having a personal trainer is the norm.

My friends could not have been more supportive.  My family agreed it was something I needed to do.  This blog is for all of you to keep up with how I am, so that when we talk we can focus on you.

This blog is for anyone else feeling a bit stuck, lost and unsure what to do with themselves and hopefully can provide some help as to how you can turn things around, but also know that there will still be struggles along the way and how you can overcome them.

This blog is for anyone simply interested in finding out about Sydney and Australia.

This blog is for myself.  It’s a chance for me to reflect on my experience, continue to develop my writing skills and document tangible goals and events.

I’d love to hear from you – if you have feedback or questions, head to the contact page I’d love to hear from you.  I’m always open to meeting new people, making friends and am available for digital / marketing consultancy roles should you be interested



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