The Notorious MM(ills)


Long time readers and friends know my fitness is a big deal to me. When you live in the Eastern Suburbs and are surrounded by devastatingly beautiful people it has to be.

But it has at times been harder to fit into my schedule than back in London where I had the luxury of a gym close to my home that had classes beyond 8pm as well as gyms close to my offices for lunchtime / after work workouts. 

Fitness First is a huge part of my life – I hear a lot about F45 and other gyms but so long as there’s a gym that offers Body Attack, Spin, Boxing, Circuit Body Combat, Pump and a variety of workouts alongside simple treadmill access, I’ll always support it.

But in recent months a new Boxing Gym opened up right next to my officeVault Boxing.  Boxing is an incredible workout for so many reasons but the two main reasons:

  • heaps of fun
  • burns ridiculous calories and you barely notice it.

A boxing physique is pretty much what I strive for – Tyler Durden was my inspo when I first started training (more recently it’s Zac Efron) and that Fight Club physique via boxing such a seemingly effortless way to sweat buckets in a mere 45 minutes. But my Fitness First boxing classes are at 6:30am…

Having a gym literally seconds from my office has been a godsend. It has allowed my to fit lunchtime workouts into my routine as well as easily slot in a session after work if I have evening plans or need to work late, minimising the need for 6am workouts (a horrendous chore). 

Not only that, but I’ve gotten seriously good at both boxing and kickboxing. And met some cool new people along the way including our legendary instructor Sam.

Another post will follow this around the joys of learning a new skill but that’s for another time.  That said, I have definitely noticed a progression in my boxing ability.  I’ve often done boxing classes involving pad work with a partner – a lovely social element – but a bit limited in how much you burn and develop.

These classes are ALL about yourself and focused on getting the max workout from yourself – beating the crap out of a punchbag and doing heaps of ab exercises too.

Kickboxing in particular, has been brilliant to learn. Despite the initial agonising pain on your legs, you built a callous and it becomes a huge workout which again, you just don’t clock how hard you’re working as you’re enjoying yourself too much.  Within only 2-3 sessions my technique is legitimately good and I’m not at the point where I’m able to do jump kicks and spins as if I’m in Street Fighter .

If you’re someone looking to improve your fitness and struggle with the idea of F45, are hesitant to join a chain like Virgin Active or Fitness First, or if you simply find the idea of lifting weights boring as sin (I’d agree with you on that one) go join a local boxing gym.

I won’t ever leave my Fitness First, but paying an extra few bucks to access this little gem of a gym has been an absolute highlight of my Spring. I can’t wait to get shredded for Summer.

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