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As much as I love Bondi, the magic can wear off in the winter.

In the height of summer, it can be amazing. People complain about all the tourists but I personally think it helps create a bit of a buzz around the place and thrives off it.  When I first arrived some of my favourite moments were random meetups and hangouts with heaps of new people all with interesting stories to tell…

…but that can wear off once you transition from traveller and to local and particularly if you find that your social circle drifts more towards the Inner-West and neighbouring Surry Hills suburbs.  Sure, you can spend many lovely days by the beach and catching up with a friend or two…but it’s not quite the same as days like this.

So epic kudos to DD Board Co, a newly opened skate/surf/streetwear brand overlooking Bondi Beach set up by some awesome blokes who simply wanted to do something cool in the area. 

Their mantra is simple – meet cool people and have fun.

Back home, skate shops were strange places where people would often hang out but it would feel cliquey. You would feel a bit pressured to buy something or get out quickly and don’t always feel as welcoming. These dudes are the total opposite.

The first time I curiously walked past on opening weekend, they invited me to have a look round and offered a beer whilst I did. They chatted about England and we got into a good football conversation (their mate supported Ipswich, thanks to football manager!) and what went from just a curious browse turned into a good 45 minute chinwag. They had an opening party that night but I unfortunately had plans (yep you guessed it, in the city) but I got some swag and said we’d hang again soon.

A few weeks later I’m heading down toward the beach for a skate (that’s for another blog post) and they call from across the street inviting me to hang and have some more drinks.

Imagine how many people you’d meet every day running a store and imagine how difficult it’d be to remember every single face… To have them remember me so clearly and shout-out across the street to hang out is pretty damn cool.

What followed was a good couple of hours of chat and hanging out with other locals and travellers, all having a mini street party kinda vibe. Just chatting to heaps of different people from all over the World reminded me what a special place Bondi can be and how lucky we are to live in such a vibrant little community.

Obviously they’re a business and aim to make profit, but as the guys have other businesses its not the be-all-and-end-all. It’s equally a passion project. They’ve adapted and sell awesome t shirts, singlets, long sleeves, caps, crew necks and hoodies but also hire out boards – so there’s plenty of reasons to give them your custom.

I’m super excited to see them smash it this summer – there’s going to be a real buzz around the store, I can feel it.

You can check out their website here but you’re better off popping into the shop next time you’re headed down that way.

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