It’s Been Almost A Year…


Every time I start a bloody blog I say ‘I won’t let this slip’ and every time I eventually stop updating. It is one of my many flaws.

Why did I stop?  A mixture of just not having the time and also an element of feeling like a travel / whatever blog was no longer relevant because Sydney is no longer this crazy new adventure world…it’s kinda reality.  Which is both great – how awesome that the best city in the World (though I’ve yet to experience Cape Town, Seattle, Vancouver or LA as an adult) is now ‘reality’.

But it’s also sad because there are times where I feel like I’m on the verge of getting stuck in a rut. No longer feeling like I’m exploring a new World and just getting into a routine.  Having some manic few weeks at work probably didn’t help that, but some of it is probably a mindset of just being used to Bondi now.

Betting back into writing is hopefully my way of getting out of that. It’s also a way to keep my creative juices going as I still don’t have a band going here and I’m resigned to the fact that it might not happen here. The rock/hardcore scene is strong but it’s very hard to find like minded Eastern Suburbs folk with a similar ability to my own.

So what’s happened since my last blog post?  This has been a nice excercise because it’s got me thinking about what’s happened in my life in the last year…and there’s been a bloody lot:

  •  I went to India.
  • I went back to London
  • I went to Scotland (yes it’s UK but it feels like another World at times)
  • I went to Fiji. This was a work trip and I remember very little of it. 
  • I visited Melbourne. I have to go back.  
  • I visited Brisbane.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I saw my team become national Champions. Unless you support Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City you’ll realise this is a one-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • I saw my team win a penalty shootout. If you are English, you will realise this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re German, it’s just your average Sunday.
  • I went on various boat parties.
  • Two of my all time favourite bands finally made it to Sydney.
  • I’ve become independent at surfing (but still don’t make it to the water nearly enough).
  • I helped market a short film in an attempt to get it to an Australian audience. Sadly Aussie influencers aren’t as compassionate as Steven Fry it would seem.
  • I’ve taken up kickboxing and maintain regular boxing much more frequently.
  • I’ve taken up longboarding (i.e. the old skool crusing skateboard).

That’s actually not bad at all. If I compare it to my Summertime Bucket List a fair chunk of that has been achieved bar volunteering (it’s on the to-do next week), Byron or a more exotic Australian area, road tripping and starting a band. I’ve found some decent tattooists but am still mulling on what to get.

That’s plenty of writing material and really there’s no excuse for me to not keep writing. There was initially a lot of interest in this blog and I was excited by it, but it’s odd how an even older blog still seems to get random organic traffic to it. Maybe this was a stupid blog name that’s not got the search term demand…

Anywho this is my commitment to getting back into writing–  not for anyone other than myself. I won’t care about how many hits it gets, I won’t spend hours agonising on every post to get it perfect – the most important thing is to keep updating it and finding opportunities to inspire me to write about whatever it is I’m experiencing in Sydney.

Thank you Tiff NG for inspiring me to get back into writing. I implore you all to follow her on her travels.  Thank you Alex Van Vianen for encouraging me to get back into it.

Thank you to anyone who has read anything in the past.

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