How to get through the tough times


(consumption of alcohol to reach this sort of state is one option but not recommended)

My contract job finished in mid February and I have to be honest, it was a huge, huge challenge.  The company was fantastic.  The people were exceptional.  The opportunity was tremendous.  But the role, and the client, was an colossal learning curve that I was not expecting.

There were times when I was stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and pissed off.

Of course, you get that in all jobs, but when it’s in a role that you don’t have much prior experience in, you feel a little powerless and it can get on top of you.  Particularly when it’s a contract job, as opposed to something like running your own business or a passion project that you’re putting your heart and soul into, it can get to you.

Having gone from enjoying incredible weather, fun parties and relaxing on the beach, I suddenly found myself in the office for 12 hours with a routine of get up, get the train in, work, get the train home, collapse to bed.  When you’re the other side of the world, away from friends and family…there were times it was demoralising.  On top of that, having to find a new place to live wasn’t the funnest when trying to balance it all out together and keep up some form of social life and maintain your fitness plan.

But I am so, so grateful to have experienced it

Why?  Because I took on a massive challenge and won.  I went so far out of my comfort zone and succeeded.  I didn’t even know it, there were times I thought I was doing awfully, when in fact I was smashing it (it’s what being a perfectionist can do for you).

I persisted and got some fantastic experience managing campaigns in new international markets, establishing new processes the company could use moving forward and ultimately get a huge psychological boost from taking on a new challenge and winning.

It’s important whenever you’re down in the dumps to not think ‘Why Is This Happening To Me‘ but ‘Why Is This Happening FOR Me & What Can I Learn From This


Adapting this mindset is crucial.  I’ve been increasingly consuming content around a personal development / self-motivational theme and some stuff can be a bit fluffy and loopy but this has really helped.

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge – I dramatically changed career paths away from music to challenge myself.    I moved to the other side of the world with nothing lined up to challenge myself.   I studied a postgraduate diploma whilst balancing out with a full time job AND active emerging band and maintained a manageable life.

I’ve also never quit on a challenge – each challenge I have persisted with until it reached its natural conclusion.  However, what I have been guilty of is harnessing feelings of resentment towards those who I feel aren’t undergoing similar challenges, or people who I feel have it easy.

That’s already a dangerous mindset as everyone knows we have no idea what people are experiencing behind closed doors.  For ever side stage selfie someone posts having the time of their lives at a festival is someone being who is also worked to the ground and suffering anxiety attacks on other nights working in the music industry.  For every food instagram at that super expensive restaurant is someone working in sales or finance panicking as to whether their targets are being reached to ensure their commission / bonuses can fund that super expensive restaurant.

And in that respect, for every beach picture or every Sydney harbour picture I posted was someone also being a bit worked up for the reasons mentioned above.

So it’s something I’ve really worked on.  That’s not to say this job was not enjoyable – I made some great friends and great contacts for the future.  It’s just that a really tasking challenge is always, always, going to be a beneficial experience for you to go through, even if you can’t necessarily see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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