Home & Away


Everything happens for a reason.

Well, to an extent.  Recently I have been shifting my mindset so that I am more thinking that I am the master of my own destiny, but of course there are things out of your control that will happen…and things will work out, in this case, really positively for you.

As alluded to, I had to leave my Bondi Road flat and it left me in a stressful position trying to find a new place in two weeks. But this isn’t the first time I’ve househunted and certainly won’t be the last.   In a relatively short space of time I saw several places, and the housing gods smiled favourably on me because I found a pretty sweet place close to Bondi Junction (making life much easier for getting to the station and my gyms – a 5 minute walk rather than 20), Centennial Park and Tamarama beach, which is not quite Bondi but it’s quiet and my own private spot of paradise.

However, what’s crucial is the people.  And whilst I’m reluctant to speak specifically about individuals in much detail within the blog (one of my many established ground rules) what I can say is I’ve got a really rad place and I can’t remember being in such a friendly, chilled out house share with such awesome people.  Local experts, Australians, mix of creatives and professionals, all sitting in the somewhat more alternative cultural fit and already in just a couple of weeks it feels like I’ve known them all ages and can totally be myself and not worry about my dorky quirks.

We chill out together, we go out together, it’s a family / home vibe but we lead our own independent lives too.  Perfick.  We’ve already had a HUGE house party, night out together for Mardi Gras, had beach trips and ultimately just created a really chilled household.  It’s quite a large house with 6 of us here but never feels crowded – we all have our own schedules.  We have our own lives but can hang out together too…as I’m still semi new here it’s just great to have locals where I can integrate into social / subcultural scenes.

For every door that closes, another opens.

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