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This is somewhere I desperately wanted to go to.  Having looked up some of the best Day Trip tours online the Blue Mountains is one that really stood out.  As mentioned in my previous post, I was conscious I had mostly explored the city, focused on jobseeking and chilled around Bondi a bit too much of late and needed to get closer to some of Sydney’s natural beauty, so when a proposed trip on the Aussie Backpackers Facebook Group was there, I pencilled my name in and once a friend I made in the Blue Mountains confirmed he was gonna go and drive, it was a no brainer.

Again, a bit of a cloudy day…but we did several hours of hiking around and you don’t want to be doing that in the baking sunshine, so it was perfect.  I’m not traditionally much of a nature / countryside kinda guy – growing up in rural Suffolk naturally made my rebellious side become more of an urbanite, but the difference is East Anglia is very, very flat.

But this place was heaven.  In a day we got to see a vast woodland, jungle, huge open spaces, compact forests, waterfalls, rocky beaches, sandy beachs and everything inbetween…and it’s barely an hour from one of the most vibrant metropolises in the World.  We were super lucky to have a car with flexibility too as it allowed us to squeeze so much in and give somewhere to escape to when the heavens initially opened:

Some pictures below.



The best bit was the waterfall and of course, the jump.  I was hesitant at first, anticipating some sort of hilarious but painful accident on my part rendering me unable to type, walk or anything that could impact work.


But then thought #yolo and of course I gave it a go



(that’s me, stood like a pencil to ensure I don’t hurt my arms on impact.  Safety first kids).

The second time doesn’t get any less scary! It is a high jump and once you start the run-up you realise you can’t turn back and you’ve just gotta go for it.

After a couple of seconds your descent starts to speed up and you’re left starting to panic as to why you still haven’t hit the water yet…that’s when you realise how high the jump is.    I do believe I did actually shout out ‘fuck this is scary‘ but once you land in it’s THE most amazing adrenaline rush.  The water was lush too.

The afternoon was spent walking to a Figure 8 pool, which exists somehow in the rocky underside cliff edge accessible in low tide.  The walk took a good 3-4 hours crossing woodland, jungle and cliff edges – as well as a camping area (long walk if you run out of beer) and was worth every penny, but by the time we got there the temperature was dropping and I just didn’t have it in me to get in it.

I’d done my jump, I couldn’t handle freezing my balls off … though my friend did


I suppose there’s still something beautiful about it despite the grey weather – kinda reminds me of the coast of Wales which is still really nice.  But all those who dared go in the water were mentalists.

The main thing I was thinking upon setting home however was just how lucky Sydneysiders are to be so close to this sort of place.  Within an hour or your immense metropolis you have so much natural beauty.  I left that morning in my apartment by a popular, vibrant beach resort, drove through the city and then went to a jungle, woodland, cliffside and multiple beaches.   It still doesn’t really sink in.

I’ll go back for sure.  It was good to take advantage of a cloudy day to get some sightseeing done knowing there isn’t any major pressure to get it seen again any time soon.  But that Waterfall is definitely calling out for my name again, and I want to tackle the Figure 8 pool when I’m hot and sweaty and need a cool down.

Some more pics




The last two days were just what I needed.  Just to get out, some fresh air, exploring and being active, doing my own thing and getting some down time before NYE.  Brilliant stuff


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  1. Hey! I saw that you commented on my guest post on Aussie Working Holiday about the 10 best day trips out of Sydney but couldn’t see the whole comment! Let me know if you had any questions? Looks like you’re having a great time here 🙂


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