Bonding With Bronte (and Bondi 2.0)


One frustration I had been experiencing of late was being on Bondi’s doorstep when I first moved there and not really socialising as much as I’d have liked, nor exploring the likes of Bronte, Tamarama, Coogee and others enough.   I would stroll down and see large groups of friends hanging out and enjoying the sunshine and I’d be a bit envious as my experience was moreso chill on my own and read a book or listen to music.  

My housemates don’t really like Bondi.  My friends that did  enjoy Bondi wouldn’t usually be available – they have jobs after all, and up until Christmas didn’t know enough backpackers where I could call up and say ‘yo let’s hit the beach’.

With it being the festive season, more people have time free to check out beaches and as such it gave me more opportunity to enjoy the amazing beaches on my doorstep.  

Bondi is very easy to get to and for me, it legitimately never gets old despite me going there so much.  

Being a 10 minute walk away, and close to so many types of bars – from the Bucket List overlooking the beach to the Bavarian Bier House and the rock themed Bar 34 with live music and a more darker theme…it’s simply the best.  It’s busy and touristy because it’s good and offers the kind of variety that no other beach does.  Plus, for anyone in another suburb, it’s much easier to get to than any of the others.  

What’s awesome is a good friend of mine from back home is visiting Australia for a couple of months and Sydney is his first stop.  We had caught up for a beer in prior evenings but to chill on the beach with him alongside some other friends on a bit of a whim was awesome.  I want to be in a position where I can wake up on a morning and be able to text around and ask if anyone fancies chilling by the ocean and it’s great to have that spontaneity.


That said, the other beaches are worth a mention, and in particular Bronte – literally 1-2 beaches along.

I’ve been there doing the coastal walk and also went for a swim there once with a friend.   But I haven’t really done a day out there.  It’s quite famous as it has spaces and stalls where you can easily host BBQs, some nice quaint coffee shops overlooking the grass and … most importantly, some brilliant waves.

There isn’t a huge amount else to say other than it’s a really nice, slightly more chilled beach that’s great for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.   It’s a smaller beach than Bondi…but also requires less people to make it full.  Compare going to an arena with thousands of people vs a club with hundreds – you’ll both have them reasonably full.

I’m hoping to visit here more often and do regular surfing / body boarding on weekends now, so this is a good start.

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