Singing The Blue(s) Mountains


One important update to make is I have landed a job which is fantastic news.

It’s a 6-week contract at a well established and reknown industry leading agency and as such is great experience, good to have on the resume and fantastic pay.

On the flipside, it means January and some of February is now being in an office, which is fine but it makes me conscious of the fact that I haven’t done many day trips to see the beautiful natural landscapes Australia provides.  

My January weekends are booked with festivals, birthdays and leaving dos and so I’m conscious that I need to do some of these asap so there’s less pressure later on.  It helps that the weather is cloudy and cooler for  a couple of days, which is optimum time for sightseeing, hiking and surfing as opposed to beach and drinking.

The fateful Australia backpackers group does it again and a group are discussing getting the train there, and so i join in the plan, invite a few more folk who show interest and we have a great group ready to go.

It’s not the easiest to get to – replacement buses and trains make it a 2+ hour journey but in truth it was nice to do this rather than drive.   The train went through a fair few mountainous towns and the majority of the journey allowed you to take in some pretty scenic views, as opposed to that of a highway.  There was also a great group of us and was rad to get to know each other a bit better, share stories and experience and even chat about stuff back home.

So the Blue Mountains itself?  Of course they’re beautiful.  The surrounding town of Katoomba is nice enough itself and kinda reminds me of Flagstaff near the Grand Canyon (but a wee bit nicer) and I’ve happily spend an afternoon in the cafes and pubs – but of course there are mountains to see and scenic walks to do.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

The highlight being the end of the scenic walk followed a ridiculously steep railway which was absolute lolz – not quite a roller coaster but not far off.

The only regret is we basically went to the most obvious, touristy bit.  Which is fine, but having looked up the Blue Mountains there is SO much more to see.  We spent a good few hours doing the main scenic walk and seeing all the woodland, waterfalls and more..but there’s castle ruins, caves and other mountainous views, but still – very lucky.  But I know I’ll go back.  Maybe camp or stay in a hotel and do a bit more.

Equally great about the trip wasn’t just the Mountains itself, but meeting this lot.   Lots of Facebook groups are a pain, anyone who has read the Defend Pop Punk page can testify (and it’s probably the same for other music subgenres) but this group is such a good way to meet people in a similar situation to you.

Yes, it’s a selfie stick. It helped me get some brilliant photos in fairness. And every time my friends back home moan about its presence, after 2-3 drinks they’re all over it.

My first day trip done, and it reminded me how little of Australia I have seen so far and how much more I need to do (in a good way).

Oceana is my Oyster

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